D1 Recruiting was created to help high school football players get scholarships to the school of their choice.  It is primarily an information site that navigates the student-athlete and their parents through the recruiting process so that they can be pro-active in their own recruitment.  While there is a ton that can be done to increase your chances of landing multiple scholarship offers, there are four phases or stages that everything falls into.

  1. Be awesome
  2. Branding
  3. Exposure
  4. Relationship

It really is pretty simple, and the good news is that most of the critical components for each stage can be accomplished for little or no money.  But it will take some time, some research, and some initiative from you.

1. Be Awesome. I realize that this is easier said then done, but if you are an amazing football player the scholarships will come to you.  And if you are polite, nice, and don’t have helicopter parents many, many offers will come and you’ll be able to choose to go wherever you want.  Unfortunately, this really only applies to the 250-300 best prospects for each Class (the 4- and 5-star recruits).  The best 750-1000 (3-star recruits) will likely have multiple D1 offers, but even they will have to more than just be awesome football players to land the scholarship offer they want.

But here’s the good news.  The better a player you are the easier it will be to get scholarship offers, but there are things that ANYONE can do to increase the likelihood of landing a D1 scholarship.  And it starts with having a great highlight video.

2. Branding.  There are so many things you can do to share your brand with family, friends, coaches, recruiting coordinators, and fans.  But while some of these are critical for getting D1 scholarships (e.g. highlight video), others aren’t important at all but can be huge time sucks (e.g. Twitter).  You’ll find a lot out there about branding, but the most important thing you can do is create an effective highlight video.  What makes a great video?  Keep it short (1-3 minutes) and put your best plays first.  You don’t need all the whistles and bells (fancy music, animations, stat slides, etc.) just make sure your best work is seen.

After you have a killer video up on HUDL, then you can worry about your player profile, your social media accounts, and your performances at camps, combines, and showcases.

3. Exposure.  This is the area that so many recruits struggle with, and where so many (too many) parents end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  If you are a great player and have a killer highlight video than you are in a great position to start contacting your top schools.  You can get a free 25 page guide that walks you through contacting college coaches by subscribing to the D1 Recruiting newsletter.  So you contact coaches, and then you go meet them in-person through unofficial visits, camps, combines, showcases… or if you’re lucky they’ll come watch you play on Friday nights.

The important part of putting yourself out there is that you represent yourself well as a person, not just as a football player.  Crass language or inappropriate pictures on a tweet (to anyone, not just the coaches) might ruin your scholarship chances, while sending a hand-written thank you card might greatly increase your chances.

4. Relationships.  This is really just an extension of all the other stages.  You continue to perform at a high level, continue to update your videos and online profiles, and you absolutely maintain relationships with position coaches and recruiting coordinators.  This is the long-game and it takes some real effort.  But if you are a good player and keep in contact (without being overbearing) then you will be in a good position to get scholarship offers.

How can D1 Recruiting help?

I just launched the site, so there isn’t nearly as much content on the site as there will be in a few months, but check out what I do have in the resources section.  And here’s the cool part… everyone on my email list (sign up below) gets an early draft of everything I make/write/create FOR FREE!  That’s right, I give it all away.  I created this site because I want to help as many students as possible. I’m a school teacher so I really care about getting kids to college.

Do you want to help?

If you are a student or a parent you can help by completing the survey, liking the Facebook page, subscribing to the newsletter, and spreading the word on Twitter and other social media.  If you are a coach, a scout, a recruiting coordinator, or offer some kind of recruiting product or service then I welcome your advice and feedback on the site.  If you want to partner up or have any specific requests then drop me an email (tyler@d1recruiting.com).  The site is growing fast and I’m providing new and updated information about recruiting all the time, so stay tuned.