As I discuss in the About section, I’ve created this site to give under-recruited student-athletes the opportunity to post their own profile while also creating the most comprehensive profiles available online for elite level recruits.  I’m just one guy and this is just one hobby… but I’m a man with a plan.  Here’s part of it, complete with goals and benchmarks.

November 2016. Create the website (at least conceptually) and start reaching out to recruits.  Also start the process of creating valuable content to populate the site and look into advertising.

  • Develop the basic website and template for each recruit. 
  • Contact 100 student-athletes and invite them to complete a profile and get listed on the site. (added 400 on twitter and DMed 100)
  • Develop social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and possibly Instagram) and integrate on site.
  • Start developing recruitment resources and solicit feedback from a few D1 and professional athletes.  (talked to one pro basketball player and a few acquaintances… need to reach out to D1 football players)
  • Add 10 profiles to site (completed 12/8/16)

December 2016.  Polish up the site and build up social media channels.  Also, finish off at least 1-2 resources and post them on the site and create a super-duper recruiting guide for those who sign up for the email newsletter.  Goal to average 100 pageviews a day for the month (3000 total page views), resulting in $3 of ad revenue.  Also make at least one sale from a resource I’ve created.

  • Revise website.
  • Convert the word template to a form that recruits can complete right on the site.
  • Start spreading the word on social media (Twitter, FB)
  • Add 90 profiles (100 total) to site
  • Create a free recruiting guide for those who sign up for newsletter
  • Start two other resources
  • Line up at least one guest post on a sports blog and one podcast interview.

2017.  Complete the basic framework for the site, spread the word about the site, and start building resources.  Much of this will have to happen in January to help with efforts prior to N LOI day.  By years end I want to:

  • Have 500+ profiles posted on the site
  • Have 5k Twitter followers and 1k newsletter subscribers
  • Create at least one major recruiting guide and three other useful resources
  • Average 5k unique visitors per month to the website