The Ultimate Recruiting Resource Directory (2017 Edition)

Compiled by D1 Recruiting – Last updated April 13, 2017

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Listed Alphabetically with Services abbreviated*

*AM = Athlete marketing;  AN = Analytics; AP = Academic preparation and services; ASG = All-Star Game; C = Consulting; CS = Coaching Strategy information and guides; CAMP = Exposure Camp; COMP = Competitions; FR = Film Review, analysis, and evaluation; INFO = Recruiting Information; MAG = Magazine;  MER = Merchandise (clothing, gear, etc.); MENT = Mentoring; MOB = Mobile App; NEWS = News; PLAY = Playbook; PP = Player Profile; R = Rankings; SST = Skills-Specific Training; TA = Technique Articles; 7o7 = Seven on Seven teams

State-Specific Training and Recruiting

Are you a recruiting resource that is not currently listed here?  Let me know by sending an email to  Please include a list of your services and a one paragraph (50-75 word) description of who you are.