Here are the most frequently asked questions I’ve received through email, DM, and in the comments sections:

Q: What makes you stand out from other recruiting websites like NCSA, MaxPreps, or Rivals? 

A:  There are two big differentiators.  1) Any prospect who is willing to complete the free basic profile template will get their own profile page.  There is no subscription or fee for the prospects or the readers.  Most recruiting websites post most of their best stuff to the subscribers only.  All profiles and interviews posted on D1 Recruiting will be available for free to the public.

2) The D1 Recruiting profiles are comprehensive.  So it takes what is already posted on all the other recruiting sites and puts ALL the information together on one page, which links to those other sites.  The obvious advantage here for both the prospects, coaches, and fans is that it is much easier to find any information you are looking for.  Another part of that is that D1 Recruiting does not rate prospects, but instead reports the ratings from Scout, Rivals, and ESPN.

Q: What personal connections do you have to help with the recruiting process? 

A: Not many, at least not many of real significance on a national level to all prospects.  I am pretty well connected in a few markets because of other projects I have been apart of, but my goal with D1 Recruiting is not to make personal introductions.  It is to make the best information available for others to take advantage of (more about this in the next question).  I do have relationships with dozens of D1 coaches and a few professional athletes but I don’t think those are even necessary for this site to be a success.

Q: How can you guarantee exposure? Is this well known throughout college coaches?

A:  I can’t, and no.  If you are looking for someone to do your work for you you’re definitely in the wrong place.

This is a grass roots project that provides opportunities for recruits to be proactive and get their name out there.  Recruits that post profiles are better positioned to get valuable exposure.  Especially for those prospects out there that aren’t generating as much interest as they’d like this is a real opportunity to get positive publicity for free.  If all I do is post what is given to me from the prospect then it is unlikely to make much impact.  However, if the prospect then shares their profile in social media, emails the link to prospective coaches, etc. then the impact goes up considerably.  That’s the beauty of the site… it doesn’t depend on me to be successful.

Now that said, I have had plenty of success as a sports writer (contributor to Deseret News, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, The Sports Column, and a few others) and I have my own little college sports blog that is coming up on 500,000 page views.  Nearly every sports article I post online gets at least 1,000 views and some get as many as 15,000.  My personal interest in this project is that I am a college professor and I truly want to help as many kids as possible get to college and have a positive experience there.  I feel like this site has the potential to help in that process.

Q: Why should I post my profile on D1 Recruiting?

A: For the under-recruited prospect, this is a great way to get your name out there.  D1 Recruiting optimizes each page for search engine optimization, making it more likely that your page will show up in search results when someone googles your name.  There are other recruiting services that provide cheap or free profiles (BeRecruited, NCIS), but they provide minimal information and are not optimized.

For the heavily-recruited prospect, D1 Recruiting provides the most comprehensive profile available online.  No other recruiting service offers the options of including links to other articles and recruiting profiles (Scout/Rivals/ESPN), player Q&As, and high school statistics.  A Premium D1 Recruiting profile is truly the king of all recruiting profiles.

Q: Why do you charge for a profile page?

A: The short answer is because I have poured hundreds of hours into this site and I have a wife and four kids.  I do have ads on the site but not enough traffic that they really matter (I’ve made like $3.17 so far).  Until I find another way to monetize the site (ebooks, other services) I need something to justify all the time I’m spending building up the site.  I figure a basic profile (which I currently have to hand code) is worth the price of a Big Mac.

For any other questions, please write to me at