D1 Recruiting is a site dedicated to bringing you comprehensive news and stats about student athletes being recruited to compete at the D-1 level.  We pull together information from across the web to bring you as much free information as possible for each recruit.  This includes short player summaries; star rankings from Rivals, Scout, and ESPN; and links to profiles and news articles from local and national publications. This site was created so that fans, players, and coaches could have access to as much recruiting information as possible without having to play a subscription fee.  It also provides an opportunity for under-recruited players to have a profile posted, even if they have not yet been rated by any of the other major recruiting services.

If you are a D1 recruit (you have a scholarship offer to attend a Division 1 University) and would like your profile featured on this site, please either contact us and/or submit your profile to our database.  If you simply need an update to your existing profile, shoot an email off to tyler@d1recruiting.com.

Oh, and the dude who created this site is just a big-time college football fan.  I’m a professor in teacher education (I teach future teachers how to teach) and want as many kids as possible to get as good an education as possible.  D1 athletics is one way to do that.  D1 recruiting is a convergence of several of my hobbies: web design, writing, and teaching.